How can I set the editor select the category I entered by default

When I enter a category and click post, I want the editor to select the category I entered by default, so the user does not have to drop down again to select

How should I set up this?

that’s weird, mine does exactly what you want, and I don’t think that I have tweaked any parameter to achieve this :thinking:
It doesn’t when I click on New Topic from the Top or Categories page, which it is intended of course.
Could you check which parameters you have changed ?
Any plugin installed ?

Yeah, when I updated my forum it couldn’t get the category. and I use two themes:
1\GitHub - discourse/discourse-new-topic-button-theme-component
2\GitHub - jordanvidrine/discourse-expanded-create-topic

where can i check the parameters?

I tested again and found if i click the theme GitHub - discourse/discourse-new-topic-button-theme-component to create a topic, it cannot be got the category.

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I’ve just try it with 2.9.0.beta3 ( 6555f0c11b ) but it works as intended. I’ll rebuild to latest and try again to reproduce the issue.
(then I’ll test the discourse-expanded-create-topic component)

So, with 2.9.0.beta4 ( c841e34b62 )
GitHub - discourse/discourse-new-topic-button-theme-component is working fine, but the issue is indeed a limitation of GitHub - jordanvidrine/discourse-expanded-create-topic

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