How do I access SSO external_id in widget?

I need to know my user’s ID from the our external user database to connect an integration. Some context:

{{mount-widget widget="my-custom-widget" args=(hash user=user)}}


export default createWidget('topic-widget', {
  html(attrs, state) {
     console.log( attrs.user )

I have the user, but it looks like there’s no way to get the external ID from that object? How can I supplement this? Is there a way to have that property available on the model? Thanks!

Are you storing the external id in a custom field on the user? You can then add it to public_user_custom_fields in the admin section and it’ll be included in the user. Be careful about using that for private information though.


I wasn’t passing it into a custom field - just passing the required parameter. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!