How do I allow a file extension?

I am a new mod at a Discourse site, and I have never been a mod before. How do I allow a file extension to be posted on our community?

Sorry for the silly question.


I think you can’t do it as a Moderator. Only Admins can change site settings.

As a new Moderator probably you interest the Discourse Moderation Guide :slightly_smiling_face:


As a mod, you can’t do this…

I am AyProductions, another mod of that Discourse site.

This is not a silly question. It is ok as you are a new mod.


The authorized extensions and authorized extensions for staff are the two Site Settings that control what types of files can be uploaded on a site.

However, as previous mention, these settings are only able to be edited by site admins, and are not accessible to moderators.

If you’re looking to change these settings for your site, you will likely need to contact an admin.


Thanks a lot everyone. I’ll contact the site owner. Thanks for all your help!


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