How do I bring back my community that was very active 10 years ago?

(Torsten Därr) #21

I’ve been riding an EUC (electric unicycle) for three years now and have been enjoying it greatly. There is still plenty of room for good forums covering this aspect of sports so why not add an EUC section to your forum?

(Coin-coin le Canapin) #22

I started like this (beware of the skid marks on the walls… :stuck_out_tongue: )

A user of the English forum told me that I should suggest the admin to move toward a forum change similar to what I did with our French forum :slight_smile: Why not…

I’ve tried once and it felt amazing to ride! Surprisingly intuitive too.

I think most unicyclists are pretty conservative and don’t want to be associated with electric unicycles for various reasons (I noticed that on the international forum).
One of them being that a unicycle and an electric unicycle are very different things. It’s a bit like if we tried to associate the skateboard and the hoverboard. That won’t just fit in the same place.

Electric assisted “real” unicycles exist, but they’re just built by some skilled people in their garage. :slight_smile: