How do I customize a notification to a dynamic text and icon

I have tried to create a custom notification but need few changes/customizaions on the same. PFAScreenshot from 2021-01-12 14-25-08

  1. I would like to know how to remove en_US which is getting prepended to the message.
  2. Icon is not being displayed for custom notification and I want to add it.

If your share your code url be easier to get help on what to change.

I tried with the following method but I am not sure why I am seeing ‘en_US’ .
Also I want to add any icon as no icon is visible for custom notifications

      notification_type: 14,
      user_id: 82226,
      topic_id: 82269,
      post_number: nil,
      high_priority: true,
      data: {
          message: 'Your last was removed due to spam content',
          display_username: 'Post deleted',
          topic_title: 'Post Rejected'
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The thing in message needs to be defined in a locale. So you’d define it in a locale like this and then the message would be the locale name.

I’m not sure how to add the icon.