How do I manually update Discourse and Docker image to latest?


Something weird just happened after I upgraded docker_manager to the latest version and upgraded discourse (to v2.1.0.beta2 +13). It’s best illustrated by a picture, but careful falling for the obvious…

I did (fall for the obvious) and followed instructions. But this page did not change. Yet, I know there are a bunch of plugins that can still be upgraded. So I’m curious what recent change made Discourse think that it became obsolete!

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #170


If you follow the instructions all the plugins are updated, so there won’t be nothing needing further updates.

Did the rebuild fail at some point?


OK, that makes sense: upgrading discourse would indeed pull the latest version of plugins. But this is not how it works, at least for unofficial plugins: after upgrading discourse, you’re supposed to come back to the /admin/plugins page and it shows you what else is left to upgrade, so you can choose whether or not you want to upgrade this or that plugin. At least it used to work like this for me. Now, having this “old version of the Discourse image” is totally new and unexpected. I’m supposed to get a list of stuff with links to diffs since last update, and an active button for the ones that can still be upgraded.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #172

A rebuild will update all plugins, unconditionally. The web updater allow you to update one at time.

If you did a full rebuild without errors and the /admin/upgrade still tells you to rebuild again that’s a bug, that we need to investigate. Is this the case?


Yes this is the case. I should see the upgrade page, but I’m seeing this one (see screenshot above.) All other functionality is working fine.

Added screenshot FYI:


Ha! Interestingly, I wanted to test something from the console. I go ./launcher enter web and Docker starts pulling images. Weird. It seems that somehow, the previous rebuild didn’t work through the end (the version was shown, but the admin upgrade page was showing the error…).

So I ran ./launcher rebuild web again and it went through – the /admin/upgrade page is now restored.


Edit: I did not see an upgrade all button before, would that be related?

(Andrew Waugh) #175

The upgrade all button is very new (yesterday, iirc), so it must have come from your last ./launcher rebuild.

(Michael Friedrich) #176

I‘ve seen this message too when upgrading from beta1 to beta2. It only happens when you first upgrade the docker manager via web, and once done, open the upgrade window in a secondary tab again. Fortunately I had the first tab still open, and could avoid going to the shell.

(Thomas Vachon) #177

Im actually unable to get Discourse to upgrade from 2.0 to anything higher. I have done this dance before so I am (hopefully) not crazy.

I did the git pull, i have the latest repo with commit 5c190b18f52259d14504ce071fefc0e48de2fa2d from 8/19. I did a rebuild and got no errors. I launch discourse and Its still stuck on the v2.0.0.beta6 +42 release.

The one thing I notice is discord is running the docker image called “local_discourse/app” which the ctime on that is 6 months ago. Its parent is “discourse/base v2.0.20171231”. So how do I get out of this endless loop?