How do I remove the hand-wave emoji from the login ui?

I don’t see it in the admin area for changing interface text…

I used CSS to remove it – first by setting display: none on the .waving-hand class but that messed up the layout and removed the line break between the “welcome back” and "Log in to your account” text, so instead I set it to opacity: 0.

I wonder if there’s a better way? The waving hand seems silly to me

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CSS is the best way to hide it, opacity: 0; works as you noted… and we can probably make a little adjustment so that display: none; works as well… as that’s probably the first thing most people would try.


I’ve got a fix in here, so the next time you update Discourse display: none; will be enough


This does not appear to be possible on the Fakebook theme.

I see the .waving-hand class is in the login.sccs file, though the fakebook theme does not appear to modify or include this file.

I’ve tried to manually add this change in as a theme component in the css, though I’ve had no luck on this. Any advice? Should I submit a PR to the Fakebook theme creator?

That’s correct, themes generally add CSS on top of Discourse’s core CSS, so they only override our defaults where needed. The easiest way to customize an existing theme would be to create a new theme component via the admin UI, add the CSS below to common, and then add your new theme component to the Fakebook theme.

.waving-hand {
  display: none;
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