How do I remove this blue border on homepage and category topic lists?

How can I remove this blue border when click topics? I tried css ::before I could not locate it nor disable it …

Many thanks :grinning:

I think that’s the presence indicator and means that the poster is online.

When you click any topic title and hold the button it shows up.
I don’t need this indicator if it is , since I used different color on tile to indicate on hover or click…

It’s a temporary indicator you’re focusing on a topic. That’s not quite the same as hovering or visiting a link. EDIT: as CoinCoin and Jake stated below, it’s useful for accessibility and on mobile.

You can hide it with CSS. Add this to your theme or theme component:

.topic-list .main-link.focused {
    box-shadow: none;

Thanks, you are the shining star :kissing_heart:

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This topic highlight is very useful for accessibility.
Navigating with your keyboard, it indicates that this topic is currently selected, and pressing enter will open it.

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You didn’t ask this but removing it will make living much more difficult (at least) for mobiles.


Thanks for the reminder @Canapin @Canapin
I’m a beginner on UI and prob everything, at least now understand it exists for a purpose, accessibility. :+1:

But I was just wondering how “necessary” this “accessibility” is for most people, especially when most devices people use today are either with touchscreens or computers with mouses… but never mind, it exists for good.

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