How do I set-up this workflow? Membership form with Payment > Discourse Invite

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Hi, I run a nonprofit community that has this workflow.

  1. Someone applies to join the nonprofit community via a form of some kind

  2. As part of the application, they are asked to make a donations based contribution that’s up to them, from $0 to the sky’s the limit

  3. After submitting their membership application, I’d like a setup that automatically sends them a Discourse invite to our private Discourse forum

How do I set-up this workflow?

(Sam Saffron) #2

One side of this is that you can generate invite links via the API and make your community require login / approval. Do you have someone doing dev on your side, it is going to require a little bit of coding.

(Deborah Chang) #3

We have some dev talent. Is there example code or documentation, though, that perhaps another discourse forum uses, that we can borrow from?

(Simon Cossar) #4

You can send an invite through the Discourse API by making a POST request to

In the body of the request you need to include the All Users api_key and api_username. The All Users api_username defaults to ‘system’. The other parameter that you need to include is email. You can optionally include a custom_message and a group_names parameter. The group_names parameter should be set to a comma separated list (without spaces) of group names for groups that already exist on your forum.

Here is an example API call made with curl. $api_key is set to the All Users API key for my forum. The URL is the URL of my local development forum:

curl -X POST -d "api_key=$api_key&api_username=system& for your contribution." http://localhost:3000/invites

The response you should get for a successful invite is {"success":"OK"}.

Once you have this working with curl or Postman, it should be possible to wire up your application to make the request automatically when a user makes a contribution.

You can customize the email templates that are used for sending these invites. The template that is used if a custom message is included is the Custom Invite Forum Mailer template. The template that is used when a custom message is not included is the Invite Forum Mailer.

For details about finding which API request to make to perform a specific action, see the How to reverse engineer the Discourse API topic. For details about customizing email templates, see the How to customize email templates topic.

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