How do you find a post ID?

need to permadelete post with


important thx

Why are you trying to “permadelete” a post? Simply deleting the post record will leave dangling pointers, creating a broken database, and you may not catch all copies of the post content (especially revisions).

If there’s some illegal content in the post that you need to purge, I believe I have instructions for that.


it’s not illegal, but i dont want it on my server, how do you do that

not an image just words

btw i found the post ID

If you simply don’t want it around, and it’s not causing a technical or legal problem:

  • Click the delete post button in the UI
  • Use your admin powers to edit the deleted post to just say (Content removed by administrator)
  • Potentially, send an official warning to the user that posted it

Is there a way to rewrite it in the database, it just hurts me spiritually for it to be there

a guy was using too harsh words towards me, so i’ll just delete it and warn him I guess, I don’t want a broken database

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