How do you pass an array to the api

On some of the api calls, you are expected to pass an array of values in the post data. How do you do this?

I have figured out by trial an error how to pass an array with one item in it - e.g. for change-owner, you want something like:

username: sean-finnegan
post_ids[]: 925

(or, in url-encoded)


Great question, I agree that can be a bit confusing. If you want to pass multiple post_ids you would pass in multiple form data fields for post_ids[] like this curl example:

curl -i -sS -X POST "http://localhost:8080/t/15/change-owner.json" 
-H "Api-Key: api-key" \
-H "Api-Username: system" \
-F "username=blake" \
-F "post_ids[]=29" \
-F "post_ids[]=30"

Hey Blake,

Is this still the recommended way to send an array to the API? I’m trying to create a web hook and I’m not able to send the web_hook_event_type_ids array parameter.

I’ve tried it with CURL (as multipart/form-data)

curl -X POST "" \
  -H "Api-Key: KEY" \
  -H "Api-Username: USER" \
  -F "payload_url=" \
  -F "content_type=1" \
  -F "wildcard_web_hook=false" \
  -F "verify_certificate=true" \
  -F "active=true" \
  -F "web_hook_event_type_ids[]=2"

# I get
{"errors":["param is missing or the value is empty: web_hook"]}%

And with httpie (as application/json):

http POST \
  Api-Key:KEY \
  Api-Username:USER \
  payload_url= \
  content_type=1 \
  wildcard_web_hook:=false \
  verify_certificate:=true \
  active:=true \

# I get
    "errors": [
        "Web hook event types can't be blank"
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Looks like this whole endpoint wants the values in a nested web_hook param:

I’m not a huge fan of this nested format, and there are a few endpoints like this that are on my eventual list to fix. You can make an API call to it using form-data like so:


Notice how each parameter has the “array” syntax web_hook[payload_url]. If you are sending your request with json it will look like:

  "web_hook": {
    "payload_url": "",
    "content_type": "1",

Ah, thank you so much. That’s not what it said in the Discourse API, so I was going crazy. :sweat_smile:

Also, I’ve noticed that setting web_hook_event_type_ids to at least one item is required even if I end up using wildcard_web_hook=true. That also had me scratching my head for a while.

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