How do you re-associate a WordPress post with its respective Discourse topic?

My setup consists of auto-creating Discourse topics for respective WordPress posts as they’re published and replacing the default WordPress comments.

I have this all set up correctly and it’s been working fine for a few years.

However, due to some technical difficulties, some of these connections were lost.


  1. How are associations made in the first place, in terms of the back-end? Does Discourse have a database field with the WP post ID or URL?


  1. If that connection is broken, is there a UI way to re-associate, or does the association need to be manually updated/corrected in the database via terminal or otherwise?


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Sorry just to confirm, are you currently using the WP Discourse Plugin?

I’m just wondering as you don’t mention it in your description, however what you describe is what the plugin does.

If you are using the WP Discourse Plugin were your technical difficulties associated with the plugin? If so, could you describe them?

The association is made in Wordpress using the folowing wp post meta fields: discourse_post_id, discourse_topic_id, discourse_permalink.

If you’re using the WP Discourse Plugin, you can reconnect the WP posts to Discourse topics in the Discourse sidebar which you’ll find in the WP post edit UI (on the right).


Oh boy, right in front of my face! Thanks.


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