How does discourse create SEO friendly html tags when the site is written in Emberjs?

Looking at the generated HTML I can see regular <div> tags for a forum thread along with its content in the HTML, looking like a regular html template.

How does discourse generate this search engine friendly html when it is written in emberjs?

It sends static html to crawlers


where is that setting? in rails or nginx?

In rails, we do a traditional render on key pages


where is this done, at the nginx layer or rails layer? link to source please?

It’s in rails. I don’t quite understand how it works, but you can look in the application_controller for “crawler”. That appears to be where some of the magic happens.

I just spent a day figuring out that my plugin needs to use the StaticController when it does a render plain:.

So maybe you want to look at the static_controller. That appears to be how to bypass Ember, so maybe that’s what you want to see.

You can disable javascript in your browser and see what it renders.

But maybe you want to say what problem you are trying to solve rather than talk about your solution.

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Just want to learn how its done, don’t actually have any issue I am trying to solve. Thanks!