How forums are indexed by search engines such as Microsoft Bing

Ask, what do I need to do to get my site indexed by search engines such as bing

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Use theirs web master tools and tell location of a sitemap. And after that you will wait.

You can make procedure perhaps-maybe a bit faster if you share links to topics here, there and everywhere.

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Wait … you shouldn’t need to do anything?

I just typed a (fairly generic) search string into Bing and my site came up as the 5th result.

I’ve never engaged with any tools, least of all Microsoft’s search console.

Build it, add unique content and they will come …


Only if one wants to reach bots a bit faster.


The way to join the website is difficult, he also needs to pass DNS authentication, which must upload a verification file to the root server and be recognized by DNS, but I don’t know where to put that file

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This isn’t accurate.

Search engines will usually pick up on new domains if they’re linked from an site already in their index.

You only need to authenticate a domain if nothing links to it, or you want to use the webmaster tools yourself to control what appears in the index.


Yes, my website is located in China, and it is legally required to submit URLs in this way in order to be indexed by search engines

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Okay, now the question is, should I choose XML file validation or HTML Meta tag validation for my website? If it’s XML file validation, where should I upload this file to the server

You can use either HTML Meta tag (and add it to your theme) or DNS ( and configure your DNS accordingly).

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