How I can do Cross-category post

Hello All,

I would like to discuss a use case here, much appreciate your help

My current setup:
two categories:

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing

Two types of users :

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing

finance user can start or see topics from finance category and
marketing user can start or see topics from marketing category only.

new user case
But now I want to make some changes in permission to support. that if marketing user wishes to post a topic in the finance category, then they should be allowed, but they only can see topics from marketing category and topic started by him/her in finance category.

As, I feel this is something related to hacking of permission I am posting this in dev category.

Please help how can I achieve this?


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That’s not going to be easily possible. Permissions are at the category level, not the topic level. They can either see the Finance category or not. They can’t see just their posts in the Finance category.

The only way to have topic-level permissions is to use PMs.

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Thanks for your quick reply @pfaffman,

I have another though to achieve this. what if I will clone that topic from one category to another and when someone reply to that cloned topic that I will clone that post to original Topic.

I have gone through the rest apis. and I think I can achieve this using rest api. but of course I may not be able to attached username who has replied on those topic.

so, apart from RestAPIs is there any configuration available in discourse it self or any plug-in that can help me to do so.

Did you find a solution for your problem?

I wrote a solution for the cross-category topic post. and implemented the same solution as I have mentioned. I have cloned the Topic and its replies using web hook to clone the posts I have created and used bot users.

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Interesting. You mind sharing the code?
So the only problem is that the finance side users cant see who is typing at the marketing side and vice versa?

I can’t share the code,
and yes, but for that, we have added a suffix to identify that this reply has been posted by user.