How Justin Gage migrated from Spectrum to Discourse

Not sure how relevant this will be for folks, but I found it an interesting read from Justin Gage.


It is an interesting read. As someone who does a score of uploads a year, I have to say that it’s a really bad idea to try to import data with the API. If they had used an existing import script and modified it they would have gotten a much better result.

Those things are all pretty easy or non-issues with an install script.

Another reason that trying to import data en masse with the API is a bad idea.


Most people maybe won’t know these best practices? I wonder if we could do a better job documenting what the API is good for and what’s not.


There are #howto documents to import from most major forums. They aren’t hard to find. I’ve helped a bunch of people debug and modify them here. I remember several topics telling people not to use the API to do an import.

There is a long list of things that the API isn’t good for. I think it might be hard to think of all of them.