How long do you plan on using a Docker image based on Ubuntu Xenial?

Hello Discourse team,

I’m considering using Discourse with a Trisquel 8 Docker image, which should work because Trisquel 8 is based on Ubuntu Xenial. The reason I want to do this is so I can use a fully-free distribution instead of one that includes non-free bits here and there. There is no Trisquel 9 release based on Ubuntu Artful yet, so I was wondering how long you plan on sticking with Ubuntu Xenial? If you continue to use it for a year or two, I might be able to use Trisquel as a base image.

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We have no specific plans to move off Xenial at the current time, but we consider the choice of distro inside the container to be an internal implementation detail, not a public interface, so we may well change the container distro at any time.

Incidentally, I think the inclusion of the restricted repo in our container image’s sources.list is unnecessary, and can probably be dropped. If we only use the DFSG-free main and universe repos, doesn’t that produce the same end result as using a different underlying distro?


Hello Matt,

Thanks for your reply. I started a conversation about the repo types here a while back:

Using main and universe alone would be a great improvement. Chances are that you won’t need anything outside of main.

The place I work at cares very much about using fully free distributions, so Ubuntu “man” alone might not be sufficient for our purposes, but I’ll talk to my team about it.

Thanks, :slight_smile:


We moved to Debian, and AFAIK don’t enable extra repos, so this should have improved your use case.


It does! Thank you so much for switching over to Debian main! : )