How many categories can discourse support?

(Durga Viswanath Gadiraju) #1

Is there any limitation on number of categories?

I am planning to create forum site with 500+ categories, is it possible with discourse?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Gotta quote Jeff here:

One thing you should do when starting is to create just a few key categories, and as your forum grows, you can create new categories, and use the search to move topics to the new category.

You can also use tags, that can separate content but are more lightweight.

(Daler) #3

Can someone please address the main question stated in the title:
How many categories can discourse support?

This is a valid question and very important to consider. I’m well aware of tags and tag groups.

Are there performance concerns or technical issues related to having 1000 categories?
Or maybe there are well working forums with hundreds of categories?

(Vinoth Kannan) #4


We currently have 263 categories and counting and working well. Most of those however are private and locked down to various groups (approx 240)