How much time will it take to finish cleanup of a deleted user's personal data?

I’m running a forum using Discourse (SaaS) and I want to know if there is a guaranteed time limit in handling a deleted user’s personal info.

I see a related description like below in the official document on privacy.

Closing your account starts a process of erasing or anonymizing CDCK’s records of data you provided for your account.

But, it is not clear when the ‘process of erasing’ is finished.

In the source code of Discourse, It seems that a module named UserDestroyer is in charge of the deleting process. There is a comment line (L15) like this:

# Returns a frozen instance of the User if the delete succeeded.

So I think the ‘frozen instance’ should also be removed, to confirm all data of a deleted user are cleaned up. But I couldn’t figure out when the final termination process is executed.

Thank you in advance.