How to add a new Chat Bot connected to a self-hosted LLM?

I want to add a new “Chat Bot” and link it to a self hosted LLM.
I have tried to use the “ai hugging face model display name” field and that doesn’t seem to appear anywhere, perhaps I have to reference that in the prompts associated with a persona?
I have also tried to “create” a new bot via the “ai bot enable chat bots” drop down, and anything I create appear shows in the chatbot drop down as " [en.discourse_ai.ai_bot.bot_names.XXXX] where XXXX is the name I provided.
Any tips to any documentation or guide who to do this would be appreacaited.

Anyone who can offer any suggestions or is this a known limitation?

@Roman_Rizzi is working on refactoring this section, expect more news in the coming weeks