How to add a new page into the community? (Login isolated page)

Hello community,

Today I’m writing in order to see if someone has more insights about how I can add a custom page to the community. I have seen already topics dealing with the login page customisation such as Improve login page UX but I would like to go further not only add css to the page to make it look like a different isolated page. Why?

  1. I would love to limit the amount of things are loaded on the login page to improve the user experience at first arrive. (The modal approach actually load the whole app and on top the login form)

  2. As discourse has some background I understand that some times maintainers need to do some trade off to keep things working and along the way maybe there is some added complexity for no maintainer developers (complexity I would like to see If I can remove in my specific community case)

  3. Discourse has enable me with a lot of benefits until the point that I am using Discourse as the central place to manage session for different spaces of the non profit organisation I collaborate with, in that sense, it would be great to keep having Discourse as the system that I can rely for sessions but I just need a lighter version of the login page.

As usual, thanks a lot for your time and effort. I will continue my quest while I looking forward to any reply that helps to address this need.


I can’t recall the keywords, but something like “content pages” are on the roadmap. Check recent #feature:announcements, you may find the mention. And also if that is a potential solve to your use case. :slight_smile:



for how to turn on enable page publishing and then be able to click a wrench on a topic and provide a slug for that topic as a stand-alone page.

@HAWK, is this feature getting a #howto sometime soon? I think that lots of folks are going to be excited about it.


It will. We’re finalising the documentation this week with help from @hellekin


And here it is: Page Publishing