How do I create a blank page within Discourse

I would like to create a new blank page (one that could be edited through Discourse). I want to create a new menu item to that Discourse page. Is there a “blank” page that Discourse allows for this purpose? I’m not looking to create a blog, I’m really just looking to link to one specific page where I can place static content.

I want the page to exist within my discourse site. I do not want to link externally.

I installed the “Custom Header Links” component, and it works great. With that component, I would like to point a the new page I would like to create.

I have checked for “landing page” plugins or components but what I did find are “end of life”, or not what I was looking for.

Does anyone know of a solution to what I am trying to accomplish here? If the answer is obvious, I do apologize, but I have been racking my brains trying to figure this one out and have come up empty-handed.


there is the page publishing feature

and landing page plugin


Awesome! Thank you!


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