How to add a second domain name?

Greetings, I am wondering how to keep a second domain pointing to the same instance?

I have set up a discourse instance with domain name https://firstdomain, for some reason, I have to set up a second domain https://seconddomain pointing to the same instance and keep it in the address bar when people visit it.

I tried all I can but everytime visiting the seconddomain, it will be redirected to firstdomain in the address bar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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That’s on purpose.


Thank you for your reply. so is there any other way to achieve the same goal?
Like ngnix reverse proxy?

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A reverse proxy would require nasty voodoo content rewriting. I think the only sane way is a plugin: Forcing hostname has broken support for Onion Services

We can take this on as a project if you’re interested.

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There are also SEO reasons not to have two domains serve the same content.


Discourse inserts link rel=“canonical” tags to the primary hostname so that already has been mitigated.