How to add links on home page menu to other site?

I just set up discourse with business hosting. I’m trying to integrate my forum with a separate web app. From my searching around here, it looks like fully integrating the forum into the app itself would require putting it in an iframe, which I don’t want to do.

So, what I want to do is make the forum mimic the look of the app. The starting point would be the top menu, where I want to add links to different places in the app itself. Given that the app is at a separate url, these would be links to the pages of an external site.

How to I add these links to the menu of my discourse forum?


The simplest way to add or change the Discourse UI is through the use of a #theme-component. Installation is easy, there’s a guide which will step you through the process.

Here are three which may be of interest:


Awesome. I’ll take a look. Thanks.