How to add top bar?

How to add same this top bar?

This is the demo site link 3.0 (Build 3143) FAQ - General Discussion - Sublime Forum

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That’s relatively easy to do :slight_smile:
Here’s how you get started: In Admin, go to Customize. There, you can create and edit themes and theme components. Create a new theme component, and give it a sensible name. Then, you can edit CSS and HTML there.

You’ll want to add the HTML for the bar in the Header section. Here’s a skeleton to get started – it’ll be themed like Discourse itself:

<div class="custom-header">
    <div id="top-navbar" class="wrap">
        <ul class="nav nav-pills" style="margin: 0px;">
            <li class="top-navbar-links">
                <a href="">Amazing Link</a>
            <li class="top-navbar-links">
                <a href="">Wonderful Link</a>

Don’t forget to enable the new theme component in the Default theme when you’re done :slight_smile:


its does not look good

He said it will be themed as Discourse, change and modify yourself to make it a way you want.


Yeah, it’s just meant as a starting point. Make it your own! :slight_smile: