How to allow users to get their API Key

I want to create an applet for daskeyboard 5Q that makes keyboard key blink when I have an unread discourse notification. I cannot find a way for a user to find his own API Key. I found that an admin can generate such a key for users but this is not what I am looking for. Ideally, users would be able to find their key in their user profile. Is it possible?


We don’t have an easy UI to generate user API keys at the moment.

If you want to create a proof of concept, you can use this script to get one Generating User API Keys for testing

Please share the results when you get it working, sounds pretty cool!


Thanks Rafael for your answer, i already knew this mean to generate API keys but since the applet had to be a “click and work” node application i have to re-discuss about it with my superior. I will let you know about it. Greetings

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