How to change domain without losing ranking?

I’m using A.COM domain, now i want change to B.COM, i want after change without losing ranking.
i do like :
But if when click the posts of A.COM from google search then 404 error.
Please help me…Tks support!


How can do it with discource…

Easiest would be to run another server that does the redirect. A more complicated way would be to run an external web server that reverse proxies. See the topic about running discourse with other web servers for the start of how you’d do it.


Now, in run A.COM on server A.
I run B.COM on server B.

And redirect all link A.COM to B.COM?
Do not lose rankings? @pfaffman
Thanks <3

That’s my best guess. I don’t pretend to know anything about seo.

Use the change of address tool from Google Webmasters. AFAIK it won’t affect SEO if all old website URLs are smoothly redirected to the new website.

Do I lose credit for links when I redirect to new URLs?
No, 301 or 302 redirects do not cause a loss in PageRank.