How to check the uniqueness of users in "hot link" badge?

If i reload page with my name in link (?u=username) 300 times, i’ll get this badge. How do secure it?

Well, I did it…

  1. Use Data Explorer Plugin.
  2. Create new query
  3. Use this query
  4. Execute and view the “clicks” on your topic
  5. Open that “topic” on new window, and repload that page with your user’s link a few times… such 10 times or less.
  6. Re-execute the query… do you see changes? (I do not.)

Finish the test… check complete :wink:

Ps, query’s list updated :rocket:


This query is like “Great share” badge. In Hot link different query. I’ll test it.

Ah… I don’t use English language right now on admin panel.
What badge’s id is the “hot link” badge?

I don’t use it too))
30 is like your query,
21 - hot link

What query is in this badge?

Here’s the query for the Hot Link badge

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And what query for this?

My instance of discourse granted me this badge after reloading link with my username 25 times by myself, but didn’t. Why?

Probably an error in configuration where the correct user IP is not passed through on your site?

Hmm… It was the same IP. I’ll try from another.

Looks like this is it. From another IP badge not granted

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