How to configure the SSO Authorization URL via config (without using the admin panel)


I need to deploy discourse on 3 environments, each pointing to a different SSO Authorization URL.
Is there a way to set the SSO authorization URL without having to login and go via the admin panel?


Hey there,

It is mentioned in the first post on this topic:

from server console run:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
irb > SiteSetting.enable_sso = false
irb > SiteSetting.sso_url = ""
irb > SiteSetting.sso_secret = "Your_secret_token"
irb > exit


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Hi thanks for your reply.

Could I ask, would this need to be done manually once discourse is deployed?

I was hoping to do this via some property setting in one the build files, so when the docker image is created the new setting takes effect?


Just to add further information:

I have checked that the SSO_URL value that I want to configure per environment in saved in the postgres DB.

I wonder if i need to run some postgres script when the application is built/deployed to update the URL value to what I want it?

How else would it be done?

Another way to do it is via the API. I built a settings uploader. You could edit by hand the settings you want to upload in a json file. There are some sample json files in the repo.

You’d still need to get an API key for each Discourse.

thanks for that, may just have to do it manually as a dev-ops task for now.