How to create template helper in Discourse

I want to compare two values in the handlebar template. This cannot be done using {{#if}} helper. So how can I create a new helper in Discourse?
I have tried below code but not working:
Created FIle: /assets/javascripts/discourse/helpers/eq.js.es6

import { registerHelper } from 'discourse-common/lib/helpers'
var makeBoundHelper = Ember.HTMLBars.makeBoundHelper;

registerHelper('eq', makeBoundHelper(function(params) {
  return params[0] === params[1];

Throwing Exception: makeBoundHelper is not a function

It’s just EmberJS, use a Computed Property.

I want to achieve somewhat like below:
have two each loop

  1. productCategories : [“category1”, “category2”, …]
  2. productTags : [{productCategory:“category1”, tagName:“tag1”, isChecked:true}, …]
    And now i want to compare productCategories items with tag.productCategory as shown in code.
    Can we achieve this by Computed properties?
<div class="tag-list-section">
   {{#each this.productCategories as |category|}}
       <div id={{category}} class="select-tag-category">
            {{#each this.productTags as |tag|}}
                {{#if (eq category tag.productCategory)}}
                       {{input type="checkbox" name=tag.tagName checked=tag.isChecked }} {{tag.tagName}}