How to deal with bad encoded URLs?


Some URLs (i.e. cyrillic) look like this:
Службы сертификации Active Directory (Microsoft)

is there any setting to show such urls properly? Onebox shows them ok (at least in composer):


But I don’t really like a lot of oneboxes in topics :slight_smile:.

I’m confused. If onebox is ok, then how did broken example happen? Can you post a screenshot of what that looks like in the editor?

Whenever I’m pasting links I usually just type a description, highlight it, use ctr+k and then paste the address. If you take the update from few days ago (2.8.0.beta9) then you can get the even easier version of this. You just write the text you want to be hyperlinked, highlight it and paste the url.

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Here it is:

I’m not sure that I got every benefit of that. Most use for me - copy and paste

<div style="page-break-after: always;"></div>

to Typora editor (I use Discourse as a source of Markdown notes and short documents for DevOps).

With new update this is copied as formatted code, not as plain text. Typora used to handled such construction as html code (auto detected) and made a page brake during next conversion to PDF. Now my favorite editor thinks that it is pasted as code now (by default with ruby formatting). Finally I mean that now I cannot safely use Discourse as code source. The data comes to clipboard not as plain text. Maybe that was designed as lazy feature, but for perfectionists like me such updates break their usual lifestyle)

Anyway that’s my opinion, my case is very rare.