When an url containing spaces is dragged in the % is encoded rather than the %20

One of our members dragged in a link from an URL which contains spaces. Those spaces were properly encoded into %20 in the link.

However the link then doesn’t work. When I hover over the link I see the % has been encoded to %25, leaving the space hanging there as a 20.

In fact I’ll drag that link in here so we can see what it does in Meta:

I see in the preview window it decodes it properly into spaces. I’m on a Discourse version from July 15th… any chance this was fixed lately? It is also working in the resulting post here. On my system I get the following… not the URL preview on the status line of the browser:

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Have you updated recently? A bug that sounds like this was fixed in the last week or so.


That sounds like the one! I searched for %20… if I had looked for %25 it would have come up. Thanks!