How to disable the yellow panels for first two posts?


I’m new to discourse and still finding my way around. I’d appreciate your help with several questions. This is one of them…

I’d like to disable the panels that new users see for their first two topics with ‘helpful hints’ (does the title sound inderesting? Etc). I think they are really patronising.

I can’t find where to switch all these features off. Or where I can change the text to something much more inviting and friendly.

Thank you very much for any pointers you can give me

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You can edit the text under admin > customize > text content

If you search for and the relevant messages should appear.

If you want to disable the messages entirely, you can go to admin > settings and search for educate until posts — you can set that to 0.


Thank you very much!

I’m fairly overwhelmed by the number of options. I’ve set the educate until to 0.


It might be better if you specified how you think the copy could be improved rather than insisting it is patronizing and that it must be turned off entirely.

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@codinghorror Indeed, it would have been. And I should have said that in my opinion it was patronising, rather than stating it as fact.
In truth I was tearing my hair out and - for my state of mind - I tried to phrase it politely. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that it may have come accross more bitchy than I’d normally express myself. I apologise.

Discourse is very powerful and I was getting totally overwhelmed with finding where to switch it all off.

My audience is a small group who are well mannered and I’ve been running the forum on a different platform with them for a good while. All the initial trust-level/welcome mails/hints and whatever don’t seem to have a central switch. It would be great to be able to back to the bare bones and then build only those messages and mails and levels and categories that are necessary for the purpose of the forum.

Currently it seems to be a matter of test-using Discourse and then accidentally encountering all these features and then trying to find where to switch them off.

I’ve spent many more hours than anticipated getting things to work well for my members (and still not there, yet) and my temper has admittedly suffered quite a bit.

I appreciate the feedback on my wording. I’ll be more courteous in the future.


Well, I’m not too concerned about criticism, I’m more interested in hearing how the text could be improved. Because I believe that a just-in-time message as people start typing their first reply is a key time to influence people and encourage them to be their better selves.


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