How to display a user's group next to their avatar?

Hi! I apologize if I chose the wrong cat. to post.
My question is how do I make the group display next to the avatar like so:

Thank you!

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You will go to the group and there will be an option of Default title and you will add one there.


Could you, please, provide an example link 'cuz i cant find this fields anywhere around.
I have 2.5.0.beta2 installation.
Thank you.

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This option exists when you create a group and existing groups.

You will go to the group and press manage and the option will be there.


I can’t find it, everything is the same for all groups:

That is because you are looking at a TL group. Try a different group. :slight_smile:

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I found it! Its only appears on newly created groups, not embedded.
Thank you, i’ll check now if it will display properly in the posts.

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No, should always be there unless it is a trust level group.

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