What settings or plugin shows the group (e.g. "team") next to a poster's name?

I noticed that in this forum, when a “team” member replies, “team” appears next to their name. Is this a built-in feature in Discourse, and if so, which setting do I need to flip to turn it on (searching for “group” in settings yields no results). Or does it require a plugin?

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You need to go to a group press profile and then manage (as an admin)

You will see an option that says Default Title This will appear next to users usernames in that group when they post which is how ‘Team’ appears next to the teams username.


Which URL is this? If I go to, for instance, /g/staff/manage/profile I see this:

I don’t see what you’re seeing.

PS: The “staff” group appears to be special in some way. When I create a separate group, the “Default Title” option appears, and it works as ondrejj described. Thank you.


The staff group is automatic so you can’t do this. You can either go to the admin page for each staff member and add a title from there or create a new group as you have already done. Glad you worked it out! :slight_smile:


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