How to display "Discord Widget" in a dropdown button

(Sydney) #21

@trash You are awesome! thanks so much!


I second this… big-time.


Is there a (known) way I can dynamically change the theme from light/dark mode depending on the user’s current site theme?

I’d assume it’d be as simple as checking what theme a user is running and just going from there, but I can’t find anything that exposes that field for use.

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@Dax This is an amazingly helpful addon thank you!

I have a question though. I havent implmented the members only option and if I am on the page for a while the box/dropdown shows a " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." message but if I refresh it goes away. do you know how I can fix this?

My site:

(Donald Swofford) #25

@Dax I needed to add

#chatd-button {
    color: #999;

to mobile CSS since I could only see it when I hovered.


Hey @Dax, excellent job on this !

Just 2 quick questions :

1 - Is it possible to change the language displayed ? Like the “Members Online” and “Free voice chat from Discord” (seen in the pic) ? Or even customize it, I’m not sure if you’re aware of anything like that ?

2 - Every time I press on the icon on mobile it sends an invitation instead of just connecting, and even worse the invitation is doubled (I click on the icon, accept the invitation for the channel, then have to accept a second invitation for the forum… but every time, is that normal ?)

Thank you again for your time, it’s super appreciated !

(Daniela) #28

Nope, it’s a widget created with an Iframe and controlled directly by Discord so any changes you make will be automatically reset . They only allow you certain changes such as the light and dark theme and very few other things.

Yes, it is normal because the link is an invite. That icon is “designed” only for new users, usually others access through the Discord Mobile app.
You can try to change link, instead the invite link try to use the welcome channel link, eg

(Sam) #30

Is this widget embed still working for everyone using it? Mine has stopped working recently and haven’t been able to figure out why yet (just started looking this morning). Nothing happens when you click on the icon, but the widget itself (if you visit the URL directly) seems fine.


Same here, it seems that the on click action on the icon doesn’t work anymore

(Daniela) #32

Hey @Yuun, see

pretty sure even this script has stopped working for the same reason.
Themes recently got an update where all scripts wrapped in a <script> tag would get pulled into a theme.js file, so they are no longer placed in the </head> or in the <After Header> tab.