How to display OP avatar in latest column of the category

I want to display OP avatar in latest column of the category.

I had read some docs about how2create a component and tried to do it by imitating Mobile OP avatars.

Thanks for your help.:heart:

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I’m commenting on this because I want this tooooo!!! It’s been driving me nuts that I can’t make this change…

You can try this CSS:

.latest-topic-list-item .topic-poster {
    order: 3;
    text-align: right;

You can target other columns and set their order as well as long as they have display: flex; (if you want for example put the avatar between the last activity and the topic’s name).


@Canapin It moved the avatar images to the right, but is still displaying the avatar of the most recent poster, as oppose to the original poster…

There is a #theme-component that shows Discourse Topic Author instead of the most recent poster.


Sorry, I misunderstood What you were asking for.

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If you only want to change that in the Category page and don’t want the other changes that the Discourse Topic Author will make you can override the components/latest-topic-list-item

With something like below in your theme:

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="components/latest-topic-list-item">
    {{plugin-outlet name="above-latest-topic-list-item" connectorTagName="div"}}
    <div class="main-link">
      <div class="top-row">
        {{raw "topic-status" topic=topic}}
        {{topic-link topic}}
        {{#if topic.featured_link}}
          {{topic-featured-link topic}}
        {{topic-post-badges unreadPosts=topic.unread_posts unseen=topic.unseen url=topic.lastUnreadUrl}}
      <div class="bottom-row">
        {{category-link topic.category}}{{discourse-tags topic mode="list"}}{{! intentionally inline to avoid whitespace}}
    <div class="topic-stats">
      {{raw "list/posts-count-column" topic=topic tagName="div"}}
      <div class="topic-last-activity">
        <a href={{topic.lastPostUrl}} title={{topic.bumpedAtTitle}}>{{format-date topic.bumpedAt format="tiny" noTitle="true"}}</a>
    <div class="topic-creator">
      {{#user-link user=topic.creator}}
        {{avatar topic.creator imageSize="large"}}
      {{user-avatar-flair user=topic.creator}}

But you will be overriding a template so if it ever gets changed in the core, it is up to you to keep it updated.


@Moin @saquetim Thank you!!