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(Daniela) #1

This is a theme component that will change the layout of the /latest and categories and latest topic homepage showing in the first column the author of the topic. It works both on desktop and mobile.

Repository link:

:eyes: See the preview on Theme Creator

How do I install this component?

You install this component just like any other theme. Follow the instructions in the official guide:

Once you’re done, simply add the component to your current theme.

Original Poster Headshot as the first column on Topic List Pages
(Alex) #4

I recommend renaming this to Topic Author or Starter since creator may be confusing to some. Awesome theme, good work :+1:

(Daniela) #5

Correct, I will rename it

(Gurjyot Singh) #6

It was exactly what I was looking for. But why to hide the other user’s images on desktop. Don’t you think there’s enough space to show the other images as well? Or if there’s an option to show those?

(Craig) #7

Thanks for working on this. Any chance you can also apply this to the /categories page, where the desktop category page style setting is “Categories and Latest Topics”?

(Daniela) #8

This is now done, please update the theme component to see it in action.

I think that have more than 1 avatar (the author) in the first column can confuse users and dividing users into two columns, one for the author and one for the other users (maybe where it was originally) can be even more confusing.

You can do something similar

using this fork:

(Gurjyot Singh) #9

I am checking the preview of this component using the link in the first post but, it’s not working.

(Daniela) #10

I can’t repro your issue even if I’m not logged in. The link https://theme-creator.discourse.org/theme/Dax/author works for me also if I open it in a new private window. Can you open the dev console on your browser and see if there are errors? Also, please try to open the link above using the safe-mode (https://meta.discourse.org/safe-mode) and disabling your current theme.

(Gurjyot Singh) #11

Now it’s opening correct but previously it wasn’t that’s why I reported it. Between great component, just want to know can be enable this for mobile only? As we already get the first image as author’s image in desktop.

(Daniela) #12

Nope, but you can fork the original component on https://github.com/discourse/discourse-topic-author and delete the Desktop folder…

(Gurjyot Singh) #13

Okh, that’s a good workaround. But can’t this be an option in future versions?

(Tim Jensen) #14

@Dax Thanks for your work on this component! It’s a perfect fit for our need.

I’m running into a small issue, though. The markup for the .author and .main-link elements have an extra " before class, which means my CSS for those elements isn’t being recognized.

(Daniela) #15

Mmm… are you using other theme components? On my test-site it works without problem. The component probably do not works if you use other theme components as Avatar size and shape that manipulate the avatars.

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(Tim Jensen) #16

Yes, I did have the Discourse Avatar Component active, but am still seeing the markup issue with that component deactivated.

(Daniela) #17

Ok, try to update the theme component now, the issue should be fixed.

PS: while I was working on this component I tested it with the Avatar component and it seems that it works well on topics (it does not work on Latest because it is overwritten by the Topic Author component).

(Tim Jensen) #18

@Dax Yep, that looks good! Thanks for the quick turnaround.

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