How to download Comments and Topics

How can I download comments of any topic or Entire topic list with comments from any category ?

Can someone help me.

This might be helpful:

You can also:

Thank you @merefield for your guidance,

But I would like to know that, is there any possibility to download the topic/category from UI itself, instead of doing all this thing in server end.

This could be more helpful for me if there is any way to achieve this.

You can use control-p to print the topic and that will let you save to disk. Is that what you mean?

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No, I want to download it as a document/pdf with clear understanding of the comments or replies to the topic. Like it should contain all the content of the topic. Is there a way ?

Type “control-p” and “save as pdf”. Try it right now on this topic.

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Here’s a couple of related ideas: How to Export Comments Under A Specific Post - #2 by merefield

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