How to download the backup file without SMTP function?

/var/discourse/shared/web_only/backups/default: No such file or directory

my bad :sweat_smile: that was for a two containers setup, could you try:

edit: nope, standalone instead of app

/var/discourse/shared/app/backups/default: No such file or directory

Is there something in the /var/discourse/shared directory ?
Could you have enabled S3 uploads and backups ?

no, I just want download my discourse backup and restore it on a new server.
Because the old one doesn’t support mail ports.

What do you have there: /var/discourse/shared ?

I can visit it with ssh, but I don’t know what’s in there.

sudo ls /var/discourse/shared

root@C20210920172461:~# sudo ls /var/discourse/shared

Ah that was standalone, my bad again, sorry, sudo ls /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default

edit: third times a charm !

root@C20210920172461:~# sudo ls /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default
lowendhost-2021-09-22-033652-v20210915222124.tar.gz lowendhost-2021-09-26-034900-v20210915222124.tar.gz

Then here you’ll find the appropriate instructions:


Thanks! I will try later!

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Can I download the backup file to local directly through SSH?

Sure, assuming Windows, with a client like WinSCP for instance

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scp /path/to/backup/backup.tar.gz

what is this path? local path on my computer or on my server?

Is this ip address my new server’s ip or the old one?

My computer is macOS.

that is the path on your (soon to be replaced) server so:

for you mac, I don’t know, should be a native scp server

that’s the ip of the new one, the directory has to be made (mkdir) beforehand

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Thanks so much!
I have downloaded the backup files through Filezilla, then I restored it to the new site and succeeded!



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