How to easily make Discourse bots?

Is there plans on releasing a feature to easily make bots that can use the API of the form and possibly make bot accounts

No, we don’t currently have plans to do so.

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Oh ok I was thinking of something like how discord has their bots which you can make on their developer portal maybe something like that could be set up for discourse so people can freely interact with the API?

It’s possible to create ‘bots’ using a plugin.

I recently created a plugin that allows members of a certain group to create a reply with a certain command which leads to a bot (system user) closing a topic. I suggest you check it out:

While specific functions to make bots aren’t integrated into the core of Discourse, it should be relatively similar to the logic of creating a Discord bot.


Yes, what Discord calls bots are equivalent to Discourse plugins. Same idea, different names.


Here’s a plugin that provides a framework for a bot that works across Discourse and Discord or either or: "Discord Bot": run one on your Discourse server & keep things in sync

It’s intended to be forked and extended how you see fit, but obviously targeted at those using Discord alongside.


I was talking about a second part of the website that would be dedicated to API like the discord developer page where you can like create a bot account or use the API where it would also have the documentation

Everything is available via the API. It’s documented at How to reverse engineer the Discourse API

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I see that but I was thinking of making it a little bit easier to access because when people access a community that uses discourse but with the discourse branding removed they won’t really be able to access the API documents