How to enable the sidebar and create a default Light theme?

Hi I had some issues upgrading to discourse 3.0, so I had to install fresh and load a backup. but in the meantime i saw this very cute and cool new theme of discourse 3.0. how can I activate it and set it up as default? with all the new goodies?
I cant find this information anywhere… i searched, read release notes, everythinig… didnt find nothing mentioning iit. sorry if i missed it and its just there… :expressionless:

I mean im trying out… but this new components on the left and the right… super cool

I think this is what you are looking for. Specifically for the components on the side

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ok, that one is really cool… i can’t find a link to the “light” theme which im using here in the meta website… didnt find any link in the themes tag… weird. also you have any idea how to setup the sidebar on the right side?

and how-to activate the chat?

Hi again :slight_smile:

Okay I understand your request better from the chat.

These are not a theme or component, features enabled by default on new installations.

As @Timelord said, you need to activate the sidebar on your admin settings:

Ensure that “enable new notifications menu” is disabled, since it’s an outdated option and only available if the sidebar is enabled.

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cool. now i see it. and the chat? how do i enable it? and again, any idea how-to install the “light” theme?

Did you search for “chat” in your setting? That’s the first result :slight_smile:


If you lost it for some reason, you can create a new theme here:


Then Create Theme:


Then use the Light palette (which should be set by default):


What about setting a full-width? is there a simple way? i saw it available in the options in here.

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If by “full width” you mean enlarging your forum’s content to it takes more width on your screen, you need to add this to your CSS:

Having a site in full-width isn’t always a good thing though, it depends on the content. :slight_smile:


didn’t work for me… but it’s ok, i will talk with my local css developer :stuck_out_tongue: is the theme of the meta released? can i get from somewhere?
anyway really enjoying this new version. looks great. thank you for the great work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

also a tip:
Using fennec (an open source browser from fdroid) you can “install” the webpage of your discourse installation, which creates an app from your discourse webpage, being the new version verry responsive it does the trick as a very good android app. you can also enable notifications :wink: :melting_face: :partying_face:

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This is an experimental theme component, you can install it from here:


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