How to export all user emails

How do I collect emails of users that sign up and send them to a mailing list (like mailchimp) for email marketing.
And setup something that makes the user agree to subscribe to the emailing list.

Also, is it possible to add a email opt in pop up and field to discourse?

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Although this has been requested many times, there are only workarounds to what you want, I think.

  1. Manually export the user list and import it to your mailing provider
  2. Sync your users to Wordpress via SSO, and then sync them from Wordpress to Mailchimp (or whatever mailing provider you’re using.
  3. Use this (currently broken) plugin that adds a webhook action on new user signups, and make Zapier add the user to whatever provider you use.

Oh, and as for making the user agree, the first link above discusses how to add a checkbox on user signup, if the mailinglist membership is optional, or simply adding a notice to your signup page and/or your terms and conditions or something like that if it’s not optional.

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Alternatively, use the Data Explorer and set up a cron job that posts a JSON feed to Zapier with the information you need. No other plugins required (but you do need to get your hands a little dirty on your server :wink:

  1. But lets say I export users today. And get 15 new users tommorow. If I export again, will it export every single user? or will it only choose the ones that are new, is there an option for this? If not, will mailchimp recognize that that email has already been added, and not add it again?

  2. I cant do this because I am letting discourse handle my user logins

  3. If its broken, it wont work right now?

I am using Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) and they install all my plugins for me. So what exactly do you mean by get my hands dirty? Will the Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) support team be able to successfully setup this plugin for me?

Of course you have to ask the Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) guys how they manage their hosting, not here on Meta.


The Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) guys install the data explorer plugin by default on every forum, so you should be able to use that method if you host your forum with us.


Be careful, because admins can query out cookies and password hashes with this tool. We actually don’t recommend that data explorer be enabled everywhere for that reason. At minimum it should be an “upon request, we will enable it for you” type thing, to reduce your total exploit surface area.


Thanks for the advice.
Since we cannot disable/enable it on a per forum basis on multisite, we were (once) considering building a locked down version that does not support the “sensitive columns”, but we never got to it. Will put it higher on the to-do list :slight_smile: