Export all users (from all time)

Does anyone know of a way to export all users to csv?

We only seem to have the option to download the following:


Not ‘all users’

Trying to export a user list of 56067 names but only getting the first 27000 :frowning:

All users should export, can you repro this @techapj?

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the UI is a bit off on this one - the CSV export will always be the entire list no matter which of these views you are looking at. I just tested it and this is the case.


Thanks… I’ll go back to the forum admin to ask him to try again… its not my forum but one that we have spured off, so they are sharing the userlist with me for verification of new users on our breakaway forum.

Which forum did you test it on?

More than 27000 users?

nope - my community is significantly smaller than that. :slight_smile:

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Can an admin try on this forum please… I see it has 29000+ users so will be be a decent test.

I tried it on my forum (10.000 users) and it work without problems.

BTW the worst thing that can happen is that data exports fail. Sometimes happens (maybe because sidekiq is engaged in other jobs), but there is nothing to be scared, just try again after a few minutes and wait the PM from @system.


Could it be that whatever you’re looking at the list with is truncating it?

I’m doing an import with almost 800k users. I can test next week.


5th attempt lucky… we have the full list now.

Guess it was timing out mid export or something?

Now the next question… how can I setup my Discourse forum to cross reference a csv list of 56k users?

Desired result - When a user signs up to my forum, if they have chosen a name on the other forum, place them in a group , else place them in a different group.

In both cases, set that group as primary.

Thanks in advance.

No idea but that has nothing to do with this topic.