How to figure out specific interest areas of community members based on their activity on community in the past?

We have done multiple experiments in our community to gauge what all things excites them. Based on that, we want to understand what kind of users(persona wise) would be interested in what all topics/themes.

P.s. We are a fintech startup and have community around the same(banking and global travel). Here is the community link:
P.p.s. Not active since last few weeks and planning to reimagine the community design and hence this exercise.

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You seem to use Tags

What about mapping Users to Posts to Topics to Tags and then perhaps also Users to Posts to Topics to Categories?

So by User you’d get a list of their top 5 most related Tags and Categories?

Or just a general count of posts by tag and category, even easier.

You might be able to achieve this with a nice Data Explorer query …

Natural language processing will be much … much harder …