How to find all users using a specific login provider?

Is there any way through the admin panel to find all users that have used their Facebook account to login?

I recently noticed that there were some Facebook breaking changes mentioned at the top of the Configuring Facebook login for Discourse page.

I’d like to see how many users I’ve potentially alienated by having the Facebook login mis-configured for so long, and extend an invitation back.

This sort of filtering functionality would be useful for the other login providers in order to see how much of the user base might be affected with future configuration issues e.g. if something else pops up and there’s been no adoption of that particular login method, then support could just be disabled without impacting anyone.


You’d need to use the Data Explorer plugin to query this out.

As I recall I think we have a query to show counts of users by login provider around here somewhere…


Here you go.


Thanks guys, exactly what I needed! :slight_smile:

Seems there was no need to worry, I have a single user of Facebook, which would be my test login anyway. Google is the huge favourite with 137 users followed by a not so close Twitter with 2 non-test users.

I was quite surprised to find that there isn’t a great uptake of social login use with my user base.