How to fix logo size?

How to customize my logo discourse only on mobile.

Can you suggest some codes to solve my logo size on android device.

I assume you’re talking about the top left logo in the header, and that you find it too small.

Because you have additional buttons in your header, your logo will remain small. The best solution would be having an alternative logo more suitable, designed especially for small spaces, that could fit in a square.

After having made such a logo, you can upload it in
Look for mobile_logo.

Alternatives solution: hide or reduce the font size of your custom header’s button with CSS.

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How to reduce header links? Any suggestion
I want logo like :

You’ve apparently removed the links so I can’t see which theme component you used or the button’s CSS.
Can’t be of much help without this kind of information.

Here’s how the page appears to me:

If you used Custom Header Links, there’s a setting for each link to hide or show regarding the device used (mobile or desktop), so you can use this setting.

I decide to remove header links, as the best way to avoid logo size problem.

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