Mobile logo in header broken

Hello! Did something recently change about the logo in the header for mobile? It recently broke on my site.

Alternatively, what are the appropriate dimensions to use for a new header? (If it won’t automatically resize for mobile)


The logo looks fine to me

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Try the dark theme, it seems linked to that. It’s the same on our site too.

Maybe you still have in your cache, a buggy version from yesterday.
Try update your Discourse (what’s the URL?) or try to empty your cache.

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That’s after me replacing the logo with a new one (which still looks kinda off, I had to reduce the image size massively or it had the same zoomed-in problem)

If you are using this theme component, you will need to update it to the latest version: Alternative logos for dark / light themes

@cookywook it looks like it’s working on your site now - let us know if you’re still having issues and I’ll be happy to take a look (I happen to be a Monzo fan as well as working for Discourse :wink: )

@DNSTARS let us know if updating the theme component works.


Take a look now, using a high-res image. It’s cropped for me.

(This is on the default theme)

Odd, we’re using slick and Tiles gallery components on the dark theme with nothing much else, the light theme is “as is” and the issue persists across both. Cleared cache on chrome and FF on the phone and it’s the same.

Maybe I’ve set the images up wrong.

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@DNSTARS we have found the issue and should have a fix available shortly. If you need a fix right now you can add this CSS to the mobile section of your theme.

    height: 36px;

Nice one Dave thanks.

This will be fixed via

Thanks for reporting the issue @cookywook :+1:

The fix will be live on your site shorty.


We’re also having this issue, looking forward to the fix @Johani - thanks :smiley:

It is already fixed, you just need to update to the latest version. If you’re self-hosted, head to /admin/upgrade on your site,

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Hmmm, thanks @david I upgraded, pulled in the latest fix but have some weird logo issues now.

Should I fire up a new support thread with links and examples?

:+1: a new topic with links would be good


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