How to get the DAU and MAU data separately?

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Can I get the DAU and MAU data separately? I can only get the DAU/MAU ratio now.


Another question, can I customise the report type?

Could you send me a document that can introduce the data types to me?

The weekly and monthly active user numbers are available on the /about page of your forum.

Site Statistics

Last 7 Last 30 All Time
Active Users 1.8k 3.6k
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Is there a way to pull those stats retrospectively?

I’m interested in getting the last 12 months of MAU totals, to see how the number of active users each month has trended across the year.

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@michebs can probably magic something up for Data Explorer


That would be amazing :slight_smile: I’ve been getting a lot of questions this week along the lines of “how many of the forum users are active each month,” and have been looking for a way to get hold of that data.

EDIT: Though on second thought, are both versions of “active” just based on a user logging in to the site? Or would they need to also check for unique users logging in, rather than total logins? :confused:

If MAU is simply the number of logged in users visiting the site, I guess that could just be pulled from the existing User Visits report (adding up monthly totals).

Yes, you can use the User Visits report to calculate the MAU.

The query below details the DAU, MAU, and the Percent. I hope it helps.

-- date :start_date = 2021-01-01
-- date :end_date = 2022-01-01

WITH dau AS (
SELECT date_trunc('day', user_visits.visited_at)::DATE AS date,
       count(distinct user_visits.user_id) AS dau
FROM user_visits
WHERE user_visits.visited_at::DATE BETWEEN :start_date AND :end_date
GROUP BY date_trunc('day', user_visits.visited_at)::DATE
ORDER BY date_trunc('day', user_visits.visited_at)::DATE

data AS (SELECT 
    (SELECT count(distinct user_visits.user_id)
      FROM user_visits
      WHERE user_visits.visited_at::DATE BETWEEN - 29 AND
    ) AS mau
FROM dau)

    date "day", 
    ROUND((dau/mau::numeric)*100,2)||'%'  AS Percent 
day dau mau percent
2021-01-01 300 2500 12.00%
2021-01-02 350 3000 11.66%
2021-01-03 400 3500 11.42%

Thanks @michebs - this is great :slight_smile:


Did this ever become part of the product, or is it still necessary to run a query? (we have a hosted plan, I’m not even sure where i can pull these numbers)

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I don’t think this has been added to the stock reports, but you can copy it into a new query in your data explorer and it should work just fine. :+1: :slight_smile:

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