What is the difference between last seen and DAU?

Hi everyone!

First time posting, and getting to know Discourse. Great platform so far with a range of customization that I love.

I’m the Community Manager for CXL, and I’m responsible for bringing our community onto our Discourse, and growing it into a thriving community as a whole.

My main question is as my title states: what’s the difference between when a member was Last Seen versus DAU in the admin page?

It’s a key metric and I want to be sure I’m understanding the information available to me as best I can.

Thank you so much!


Move the cursor over the question mark and it displays what the DAU/MAU is:


Unless I’m misunderstanding something in your request…


Oh no worries at all, I believe I may have asked the question incorrectly. Allow me to clarify:

What DAU/MAU is is clear.
However, the number of members that logged in in the last day used in the DAU/MAU chart seems to be different from the “Last Seen” information I can see from the Admin dashboard.

I just wanted to make sure of this difference for future analysis reference.

Thank you!